The 2019 – 2020 year for The Edge started in late September.  Fifty-two high school young men are scheduled to attend.  The students come to learn the ways to benefit the most from their high school years and to prepare for life after high school, looking ahead to college, careers and the adventures of adult life.  Each year the young men are in a different section. The freshmen learn about acquiring effective study habits, learning the elements of friendship and mastering virtues important for the high school years.  The sophomores hear various professionals talk about their field of work and what is involved, giving them a preview of various career choices.  Juniors go into greater depth regarding preparation for summer jobs and internships, careers and marriage.  The seniors take part in a college level seminar to learn to deal with philosophical and real-life issues they will face in their college years.

We invite prospective Edge students to visit a session, usually held on the third Saturday of each month at the Chestnut Hill Center.  See the website for more information.