Thirty men came to Chestnut Hill Center in early December to learn more about the role of Cooperators in Opus Dei and how they can help the apostolic work done in and through the Center.  The day started with a meditation, Holy Mass and breakfast. Then Paul Swope gave an overview of Cooperators.  Andy O’Meara gave an introduction to the programs the Center offers for young men.  Two alumni of the programs, Tom Keefe and Mathieu Ronayne, talked about what they learned from coming to Chestnut Hill, especially by attending The Edge and working as counselors in the Sebago Leadership Camp.  Jim Stenson gave the men insights on the value of reading, especially history and biography.  Lunch followed.  Finally,  Bob Sylvain, Head of the new school, Sparhawk Academy in Millis, talked about the school’s mission and how Cooperators can assist its growth.  Sparhawk started in September with 38 students and entrusts the spiritual formation of the students to Opus Dei.  Go to for more information.