Forty high school boys come each month to The Edge at Chestnut Hill Center.  They come to learn how to prepare for life after high school and college, with special emphasis on developing one’s character.  Andy O’Meara, John Paul Lechner and Mike Madison help the Freshmen to get the most out of the high school experience.  Raymond Le Grand, pictured above, brings in men from the New England area to address the Sophomores on various professional career areas.  So far this year, the Sophomores have learned about Entrepreneurship, Film and Advertising and Law Enforcement.  Up next is Architecture, Law, Engineering and Business.  Joe Billmeier, Ted O’Neill and Elias Naegele have been helping the Juniors think beyond college, exploring career assessment, developing a Christian culture and preparing for marriage and fatherhood.  The spring semester is focused on the college and summer job application process.  Dwight Duncan oversees the Senior group, along with James Dooley, reviewing philosophical issues the students will face in college.