Horizons and Frontiers, the Father and Son Clubs sponsored by Chestnut Hill Center, were launched for the 2021 – 2022 school year in late September.  The fathers and sons hiked the trails of Noanet Woods in Dover.  They hiked for two hours.  The highlight was trekking to the top of Noanet Peak and seeing downtown Boston in the distance.

Horizons is for dads with boys in the fifth to seventh grades.  Frontiers is for dads with boys in the second to fourth grades.  Starting in late October, the clubs will meet at Chestnut Hill Center for activities and talks.  Most of the activities feature boys working with their dads on such things as building model rockets or other fun projects.  Plus the boys hear about living various character virtues, with their dads present, and the dads hear some extra talks aimed at helping them to be better fathers.

See Youth Activities on the website for more information.