The Edge is a seminar program for young men in high school. Its purpose is to prepare young men for life beyond high school. The Edge gives students the practical, intellectual and moral foundation to be a man of character. Through a combination of classes, one-on-one mentoring, interactive sessions and career presentations by successful professionals, The Edge helps students to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to be effective in college and later on as a father, a professional, and a citizen. The seminars are divided into four sections:

Charting Your Path

Freshmen attend Charting Your Path, designed to help freshmen establish the right priorities in high school. Each month a different topic, like study skills, true manliness, etc. is examined in a short talk and studied interactively in a “break-out” session.

The Professional Work Seminar

High School is the time to begin exploring career interests. Your interests will affect the college and the major you choose. It is also the time to develop the habits of effective work and communication that are essential for success in college and the workplace. Each month features a different speaker who presents what it is like to work in his profession. This is followed by an interactive session to develop communication skills or to further explore that career. Finally, a presentation is given on character development and how to work at one’s best.

College Career & Beyond

College and career planning go together. They also set the stage for the many years we have after college. This planning starts now. Students will hear from professionals (as in the sophomore year) but will spend most of these sessions preparing for both college and a meaningful life upon graduation. Topics include writing a resume, presenting at an interview, preparing for college applications, gaining public speaking experience, and preparing for marriage and future family life.

The Big Picture Seminar

It can be difficult to distinguish fact from fallacy from what you hear and read in college. Now is the time to study the correct ideas. This seminar gives seniors an analysis of philosophical ideas that currently underlie the academics at most American universities. This seminar is taught by a long-time university professor and lets seniors experience a college-level class.
The Edge seminars are held once a month at Chestnut Hill Center on a Saturday afternoon. For information on the current year’s program, you can download the brochure below. To register, please select the registration link below. For questions and concerns, please call Joe Billmeier at Chestnut Hill at 617-738-7348, or email him at jgbillmeier@gmail.com.