The two clubs for fathers and sons at Chestnut Hill Center will begin again for the 2019 – 2020 school year on September 28, 2019.  Frontiers is for fathers and sons who are in 2nd to 4th grade and Horizons is for fathers and sons who are in 5th to 8th grade.  This year Horizons includes boys in the 8th grade.  

The two clubs allow dads and sons to join together to work on activities (building model rockets, tying knots, etc.) and play sports in a fun atmosphere.  In addition the boys and dads hear a talk aimed at fostering growth by the boys in such areas as fortitude, respect for others and friendship.  And the fathers take part in a session to learn more about various aspects of fatherhood.  The day ends with a snack for everyone.

The initial session, on September 28, is a hike for everyone at Noanet Woods in Dover.  To register, go to:

Registration for Horizons

Registration for Frontiers