The Horizons and Frontiers Father and Son Clubs met for their final session of this school year in late April.  It has a been a great year, especially with the addition of Frontiers, the Club for dads and their sons who are in first to fourth grades.  The groups work together on projects, play sports and hear talks on ways to grow, for the boys in various character traits, such as fortitude, friendship and service, and for the dads, ways to improve in their parenting skills.  At the last session the dads heard about ways to help boys grow in a spirit of detachment as they deal with material things.

A big addition this year was the help provided by an energetic group of young professionals who gave many of talks to the dads and sons and who organized the games and activities for all.  Tom Keefe, Sean Casey, Joe St. Thomas, Alex Ortiz, Paul Keefe were all on board lending a hand.  We appreciate your help!