Given the situation with the Coronavirus, Chestnut Hill Center has cancelled a number of its regularly scheduled activities.  These include:  The March 21 session of The Edge for High School young men and the Counselor Preparation Weekend to Wynnview in Vermont, for prospective Sebago Leadership Camp counselors and CIT participants the weekend of March 27 – 29.

We also have cancelled activities for men.  These include:  March Evenings of Recollection in Brookline (March 17), Bolton (March 16), Sparhawk Academy (March 23), and Falmouth, Maine (March 25).  The March 27 – 29 retreat at Arnold Hall has been cancelled.  We will make a decision by the end of March as to cancelling activities in April.  Activities such as doctrine classes at Chestnut Hill Center and Cooperator circles here or outside of the Center have been cancelled.

This is a good opportunity to pray and reflect more on what God may be asking of us during this time when we need to stay and work from home or be unable to carry out our normal work schedule.  Perhaps we have more time to spend with family members.  We can look for opportunities to pray the family Rosary or do more Scriptural reading.  We can engage in family games, do more reading, strengthen a hobby or learn a new one, and take advantage of many good on-line resources, including ones that enable us to be part of our children’s education – when it makes sense!  Many students are taking their classes through various Internet mediums.  We can encourage them to use them wisely, following the guidelines the schools provide to us.

The Prelate of Opus Dei, Msgr. Fernando Ocariz, has written a letter suggesting a number of practical ways to use our time wisely during our stay at home:

We keep you and your family in our prayers,

Joe Billmeier, Director