Much has changed in the world as we approach Easter this year.  Many of us are “at home” and it looks like this will continue for a while.  We pray for all the people affected by the coronavirus and their families and relatives.  The Prelate of Opus Dei, Msgr. Fernando Ocariz said in a Letter dated April 1st, to help us prepare for Holy Week: Let us see in the Holy Cross, as the Pope helped us to consider this past March 27, the anchor of salvation that keeps us from shipwreck. From there Jesus illumines the meaning of suffering and even helps us to discover that, with his grace, we are able not to lose our joy. And what is more, many times we are able to recover it: Gaudium in Cruce!

Looking ahead, we have cancelled activities through May 4.  These include the Evenings of Recollection in various parish churches and the retreats at Arnold Hall Conference Center.  However, much is happening on-line and we will do our best to keep you informed.  For example, the April 18 Edge session for high school young men will be held on-line; each grade will receive instructions as to how to link in to the activities that day.  There will be a live, but on-line, Evening of Recollection for men on Tuesday, April 21, preached by Fr. John Grieco and Fr. Dave Cavanagh, starting at 7:30 pm; again, details to follow as to how to listen in.

We and many other faithful of the Prelature will continue to host Cooperator circles, doctrine classes and reading groups on-line.  If you are wondering if there is one you can connect with, please send an email to me at

We hope everyone has a prayerful Holy Week and Joyous Easter as we pray for one another during these weeks.  Attached is a meditation on Holy Week by our chaplain, Fr. John Grieco:

Joe Billmeier