The Boston Men’s Leadership Forum has held speaking events and small group discussions for twenty years, on topics aimed at helping people integrate their faith, work and family life.   Now, the Leadership Forum features focused discussions, held via Zoom, on topics that are essential for the formation and development of the interior life.  Topics and readings are announced in advance for the discussions.

For example, a discussion was recently held on the virtue of self-control or temperance.  Participants read excerpts on “Learning the Virtues that lead you to God” by Msgr. Romano Guardini, and “The Four Cardinal Virtues” by Josef Pieper,  which are are meant to help people have more inner peace, learn to forget about themselves, and have a positive outlook on life — through the practice of the virtue of self-control and temperance.

If you would like to join the discussions, please email Thomas Hardjono to be put on the email notification list for the monthly discussions, at