January 5, 2023




Everyone at Chestnut Hill wishes you a Happy New Year!


At the start of the year and with the scenes of Christmas in our mind and hearts, we can recall the message of Opus Dei, that of seeking holiness in everyday life.  Pope Francis, from a recent audience, reminds us of some words of St. Francis de Sales that can guide us on this path each day: “Jesus, the King of the universe, never sat on a throne, never; He was born in a stable – we see Him wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. Finally, He died on a cross, and wrapped in a sheet, was laid in the tomb.”


Living with humility is a powerful way to live each day and to seek Jesus in the midst of our daily occupations.  Perhaps Mary and St. Joseph can pave the way for us.  They lived an ordinary life, knowing that at the same time, it was extraordinary since they had Jesus with them.  We can ask them to follow their example of cheerfully engaging in work and family activities and bringing the message of the newborn Infant to the world.


A few months ago, I mentioned that Pope Francis has asked Opus Dei to make some changes in its statutes to safeguard its charism, that of living and communicating the message of seeking holiness in everyday life. The Prelate of Opus Dei, Msgr. Fernando Ocariz, has announced that a Congress will take place in Rome this year to finalize this work.  Please continue to support the Prelate’s request for your prayers for this intention.


I invite you to attend a retreat at Arnold Hall Conference Center, in Pembroke, MA.  Making a retreat is a good way to concretize resolutions to seek out Our Lord in whatever faces you each day.  Please visit the Arnold Hall website, arnoldhall.com, for the 2023 retreat offerings. I also invite you to attend a monthly Evening of Recollection in one of the many places we offer them in the New England area.  Bring a friend with you!


Please go to chestnuthillcenter.org for an update on activities in and through the Center.  Have a wonderful 2023!




Joe Billmeier, Director