Dear Friend of Chestnut Hill,

We have experienced unprecedented times in the last few months.  Everyone at Chestnut Hill Center prays for you and your families.  We appreciate your prayers for us.  We have been healthy up to now, thanks be to God.

Many of our activities have continued, despite the interruption.  The Edge, our high school program for high school young men, moved online, as did the mentoring aspect of the program.  At the Edge in April, the juniors had their mock job interviews via Zoom.  It was a good experience for the students.  We thank the fathers who became job interviewers for the afternoon!  Jim Stenson grabbed a headset and spoke to the seniors about marriage and fatherhood.  During the May Edge session, Dr. Kevin Majeres gave a timely presentation on Overcoming Anxiety & Distractions.  Please go to to hear it.

Fr. John Grieco, our chaplain, has preached a number of Evenings of Recollection and meditations online.  In fact, each week one of Fr. John’s meditations is presented on our website.  All of us at the Center are using various online platforms to give various talks and participate in book discussions with people from nearby and far away.

Unfortunately, due to state restrictions we cannot hold the Sebago Leadership Camp in Maine in late June.  Plans are now being formulated for the Camp to be held at Sparhawk Academy in Millis, MA in late July.  Please go to for updates.   Middle school boys can also take part in summer activities during the month of July at Sparhawk Academy. Go to for details.

We look forward to holding retreats at Arnold Hall Conference Center in Pembroke, MA.  We do not know, as yet, if we can hold additional retreats for this year.  We do know, however, that Arnold Hall will experience financial stress as a result of the cancellation of its many activities this spring.  In this regard, I ask that you consider making a donation to Arnold Hall this year to assist the conference center.  I have enclosed an envelope to facilitate your sending a check.  We will forward it to Arnold Hall. Or, if you prefer to make an online donation, please go to and click on Make a Donation at the top of the home page.

For those of you wishing to make a short retreat while at home, I recommend going to the section on the Opus Dei website, under Christian Life, May Recollection Kit #Stay at Home. Let’s entrust of all of our needs to Mary our Mother.  Praying the family Rosary is a great way to do so.

Joe Billmeier, Director