December 7, 2023


Dear Friends of Chestnut Hill,


As we approach Christmas, we wish all the best to our friends.  We pray for you and your families and for peace in the world. Looking forward to the New Year, we ask your prayers for the continued success of the programs sponsored by Chestnut Hill Center.


At Arnold Hall Conference Center, over fifty men attended a conference this fall centered on Interior Peace, Leading the Family in Anxious Times.  There were inspiring talks by Kate Schell, Professor Peter Kreeft, R.J. Snell and Paul Swope.  Those attending were able to make concrete resolutions for bringing peace into their family lives.


The Sebago Leadership Camp, after enjoying a successful camp this June at Camp Moses in western Massachusetts, decided to try out a new tradition called Sebago Day, which is a one-day reunion of campers, counselors, dads and staff featuring many of the elements of the camp. The first Sebago Day took place in November at Sparhawk Academy in Millis, and recreated a camp day, including Mass, flag-making, model rocket launching, rosary, games, sports, meals and charades!  It was a big hit and we propose to have another Sebago Day in April.


Nick Wells and Erick Diaz initiated Frontiers, the father and son club, again this fall.  It takes place at Sparhawk Academy each month and features talks on virtues as well as sports and activities for the dads and sons to work on together.  Tony Janeiro launched Navigators, new this year, a club for middle school boys at Sparhawk which meets on Friday afternoons.  Dads come once a month to join with the boys for pizza and to watch and discuss a movie.


The Edge Seminar began its thirteenth year in September.  JP Lechner, Raymond Le Grand, Matt Reilly, Tony Janeiro and Dwight Duncan present a variety of topics for forty-plus high school boys to ponder each month.  We are grateful for the men who come to assist the program.  This fall, for example, Christian Trudeau spoke to sophomores and juniors about what’s involved in being an engineer, Michael Marcucci addressed the world of law and Anthony Vercollone made the boys all salesmen as he discussed sales and marketing.  More men are lined up to speak over the next few months.


Dwight Duncan, working with Joe Casey, initiated a monthly series of talks on Catholic doctrine topics for young professional men.  They come for Mass, breakfast and class.


A year ago, Pope Francis asked Opus Dei to make some changes in its statutes to safeguard our charism, that of living and communicating the message of seeking holiness in everyday life.  The work of revising the statutes is ongoing.  Recently, the Prelate of Opus Dei, Msgr. Fernando Ocariz, stated that “we trust in responding to the call of the Holy Father: to care for the charism of Opus Dei so that we can carry it into the future with the same freshness with which St. Josemaria transmitted it to us.”  We ask your support for the Prelate’s request for prayers.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


Joe Billmeier