Why Frontiers?

  • The young boys develop basic moral virtues (fortitude, temperance, etc.) through simple talks and fun activities with each other and with their fathers.
  • Talks for the fathers show them the importance of developing virtues and strong characters in their sons and give them practical advice on how to do this.
  • Fathers have an opportunity to spend meaningful time with their sons.

What Happens at Frontiers?

  • 20-minute talk for the boys on some aspect of character which the fathers also attend.
  • 30-minute creative, fun, and competitive activity for just the boys.
  • 30-minute talk for the fathers on various aspects of parenting from a father’s perspective while the boys are in their own activity.
  • 50-minute physical activity for boys and fathers together (sports, games, etc.).
  • Snack with general socializing among the fathers and sons.
  • Throughout the afternoon, a priest is available for confessions.

Who Can Attend Frontiers?

Fathers and their 3rd to 6th grade sons. Fathers are expected to attend the monthly meetings with their sons.

Frontiers Club Meeting Dates and Times

The Club normally meets on the fourth Saturday of the month, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

2022 – 2023 meetings: September 24th, October 22nd, November 26th, February 25th, March 25th, and April 22nd. The September meeting is a half-day hike. There are also winter weekends in Vermont in January/February; dates to be announced. Additional fee for the weekend events.

Where Does Frontiers Meet?

Chestnut Hill Center, 481 Hammond Street, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

What is the Cost of Frontiers?

For a father and his son: $100 (one $100 payment for father who also has a son in Horizons). For each additional son: $50